Our cause

For 9 years running, the 28-days Sober ChallengeTM has brought Quebecers together with a common goal: to think about the role alcohol plays in their lives, and to contribute to a national fundraiser for prevention programs supported by the Jean Lapointe Foundation.

The Jean Lapointe Foundation is proud to support the development of healthy youths through unique prevention programs throughout the province.


Thanks to the support of Quebecers, the Foundation has invested over $4 million in prevention.

For over 12 years now, more than 600,000 high school students have benefited from the Maison Jean Lapointe’s school-based prevention programs.

Our vision : remain pioneers in supporting innovative programs that help future generations deal with substance abuse issues.

In 2022, let’s push even further by fostering new programs that meet the needs of our youths.

Our programs

Alcohol and other substances

Mon indépendance j’y tiens !

Offered to Grade 7 students, this workshop introduces basic concepts related to the risks associated with substance use. Among the objectives of this workshop are: to delay the moment of first use for as long as possible, to help young people foster their own critical thinking, to direct them towards the right resources when needed, and to allow them to develop their own views on drug and alcohol use.

APT Teens

Following the Mon indépendance j’y tiens! program come five APTE Adolescents workshops. These activities address themes related to the five main spheres of influence of young people: friends, family, environment, community and media. Workshops can be presented in whole or in part to students in grades 8 to grades 11.


Beyond the Screens

The Beyond the Screens workshop is presented to grade 8 high school students. This universal prevention workshop is primarily aimed at promoting health in a non-judgmental context where the intelligence, critical thinking skills, and positive intentions of young people are valued.  It mainly revolves around the general theme of balanced screen use and sound management of time.

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