Our community

In a constantly changing world, the 28-Days Sober Challenge community stands out for its commitment and enthusiasm. All believe in the value and impact of their actions. Discover our partners, the stories of our ambassadors, the hero participants of this year’s 28-Days Sober Challenge, and much more.

They participate individually or in teams to become heroes and impact agents. They’re devoted to drug & alcohol prevention in teens. Discover this year’s heroes and join them right here!

All of our sponsors are vital to the success of each participant. It is thanks to their support that they achieve their goals. Ready to support one of our heroes? Want to encourage someone who has already registered? Nothing could be easier, just follow the link!

Numerous Quebec flagships have joined the cause and they, too, believe they can become heroes for their employees, their industries and for teens across the province. Discover them today.

With its informative content, the 28-Days Sober Challenge is the perfect tool to continue the conversation with your kids.