How to stay sober without depriving yourself


december 23, 2019

The second week of the Challenge is underway and the holiday season is fast approaching! Christmas with the family isn’t too far away, there are New Year’s festivities to be organized with the friends, and with all of that, there are lots of opportunities to enjoy a good glass of wine or a glass of bubbly. But who ever said that it wasn’t possible to enjoy this beautiful time of year without over-indulging? 😉


These days, there are more and more alcohol-free wine, beer and cider options to enjoy. And while the alcohol content of these new drinks can’t compare to their originals, the taste itself remains very similar.


Let’s look at the best non-alcoholic beverages offered by our partners, which can be thoroughly enjoyed while remaining sober.

  • Non-alcoholic beer from Le BockAle Microbrewery


In just a few short years, Le BockAle’s non-alcoholic beer, which is brewed in Drummondville, has become a popular choice! A favourite selection is the alcohol-free IPA, “La Découverte”, a dry and hoppy brew that will delight beer enthusiasts.



To know more about Le BockAle products and select the one that will go best with your holiday meal, visit their site:


  • Kombucha from Y Kombucha:


Alcohol-free and healthy, the availability of Kombucha-based drinks is constantly growing, which is making those who love natural health products very happy. Founded in 2016, Y Kombucha produces several varieties of this lively organic drink made from fermented tea, and brewed in Montreal.



Learn more by visiting the Y Kombucha site:

Enjoy these delicious alternatives!


The entire 28 Days Sober Challenge team would like to wish you the happiest of holiday seasons.  See you next year!

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