Congratulations ! You are now a member of the 28 Day Sober Challenge community. Fondation Jean Lapointe is happy to count on your participation ! As a magic dragon that registered in December, here are simple steps to amplify the #the28dayseffect and to live a positive experience until the end of February!


You 28$ donation has a great impact for the prevention of alcohol and drug addictions.  

If it’s not already done on the platform, we invite you to confirm your 28$ donation because is has a big impact everywhere in Quebec for the prevention of high school teens about alcohol and drug addictions. Because of your generosity, these kids in high schools of your region will benefit from the APTE prevention workshops given by Fondation Jean Lapointe. 

To discover our impact in the high schools of your region


The 28 Day interactive platform

If you just joined this year or experienced it last year, you will discover an interactive platform that will help you understand #the28dayseffect while completing fun new missions and unlocking trophees. 

When you will connect for the first time, the first missions will appear as soon as your 28$ donation is completed. You will also know how many sponsors you have and how many visits were made on your profile. You will also find all the donations you made.

Here is a quick preview of the different sections

1 – Profile
You would like to change your profile picture or write a bio? That’s simple! Just click on your profile section by clicking on your profile picture. You will find your main infos that you can change at any moment. If you scroll down, you will also discover the trophies that can be unlocked. Will you be able to unlock them all?

2 – Calendar
This section is the main reason you are participating in the Challenge : this is where you can confirm if you stayed sober or not for any given day. And even though it wasn’t the case, the most important part is being honest because no one is really watching. The good news is that you can prepare yourself in December and January before starting officially in February. 

3 – Leaderboard
The leaderboard section helps you see where you and the members of your team stand versus the other participants and teams registered in the 28 Day Sober Challenge. This helps you to send friendly challenges to friends, members of your family and colleagues.

4 – My team
To join or create a team, this is where you need to go. Once you are in a team, you can share your profil on social media or by email so that your gang can join in and participate in the 28 Day Sober Challenge with you.

5- My impact

When you reach certain donation stages, you will unlock videos that will help you understand the impact you and your team have for Fondation Jean Lapointe. You can also see the collective challenges that we want to reach by the end of February.

Share #the28dayseffect on Social Media

The 28 Day Sober Challenge has lots of daily social media on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. Don’t be shy to join in the fun and spread the #the28dayseffect about the impact of Fondation Jean Lapointe and your participation this year.

If you have any questions, please consult our new FAQ section to find the answer you are looking for!

Have a good 28 Day Challenge!

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