It’s on January 6th that was launched the very first 28 Days Sober Challenge poster campaign. In the following weeks you will see more than 800 posters across the island of Montréal close to the highways, in the buses shelters, across the city center and in many malls.


Under the theme of ‘’Cheaper than a 24-pack’’, this campaign aims to increase the visibility of the 28 Sober Challenge and the Fondation Jean Lapointe.


The Challenge is well known across the province, but many still don’t know that it is first and foremost a fundraiser aiming to support prevention of the risks of alcohol, cannabis and other drug consumption among teenagers.


The Fondation Jean Lapointe therefor wishes that this campaign will help achieve the goal of the 28 Days Sober Challenge which is to raise $ 550 000!


The slogan ‘’Cheaper than a 24-pack‘’ reminds us that we are taking on the Challenge for the youth, of course, but also for ourselves. Reducing our alcohol consumption has positive effects on our health, our sleep and our wallet. The poster also illustrates the impact of your participation.


Keep your eyes open! Take pictures with our posters and we will share it on our Facebook page.


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