5 tips to start your challenge on the right note



February 3rd 2020

Are you ready for the next 28 days? Oups… 29 days!


Last Saturday, you received a special starter kit by email. Did you get a chance to discover all our suggestions for you for the next 29 days ?


On this third day of the Challenge, we want to give you 5 suggestions to start your Challenge on the right foot.


What are you going to do today to start your 28-Days Sober Challenge on the right foot?

1-    Surround yourself with friends

Let’s be honest, taking on a challenge is always easier when you are not alone and when you know people are behind you. Why not plan activities with the people who encourage you and who are happy with your choice to participate in the Challenge. In group, it’s so much easier!


2-    Discover the 28-Days Sober Challenge’s interactive platform and add the defi.leclub.com to your favorites

By login in every day, you’ll get content to motivate you like missions, blogs, podcasts and quizzes. Let’s not forget your sober calendar which you can fill everyday to help you track your progress.

Plus, troughout February, we’ll be announcing a bunch of contests to motivate you.


3-    Plan weekly rewards

We might not be kids anymore, but sometimes, it feels good to treat ourselves to little reward when we meet our goals. Why not separate your 28-Days Sober Challenge in four equal parts of 7 days.

So, let’s say, after your first 7 days, you can treat yourself to a great latté from the local barista. Thn after realizing that you’ve made it through week 2 (halfway through the Challenge btw!), why not reward yourself with a trip to the movies or the museum. Now, 21 days have passed, you get yourself a nice box of fine teas you’ve always wanted. Did you notice that there is only one week left? That wasn’t so hard, was it? When we are done with the Challenge, no need to go back to our old habits. Plan a spa day with your best friend to relax and celebrate meeting your goals!


4-    Make a list of your motivations to go all the way

Defining your motivations is the key to your success. Writing your motivations down on a post-it or on your phone makes it easier to remember why we are doing it in th first place.

No matter what are the reasons behind your decisions to take part in this Challeng with us, they are all good. Remember, we are here together and we will be with you through it all.


5-    Why not try things you’ve never tried before?

Have you ever visited one of the many museums in Montreal ? Have you tried the new restaurant in your neighborhood?

Participating in the 28-Days Sober Challenge givs you the opportunity to take a step back and look at your alcohol consumption, and it’s also the perfect time to plan new activities. Ice fishing, anyone? Hitting the trails with those fat bikes sounds fun? Joining a gym?


So, now that you know, what are you going to do today to start your 28-Days Sober Challenge on the right foot?

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