The 28 Days Sober Challenge - February 2019
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experience one of your most inspiring months with the #28DAySEFFECT

This year, choose the type of Challenge that best suits you :

GOLD : 28 days without alcohol – February 1st to 28, 2019
SILVER : Weekend without alcohol – Friday to Sunday (12 days)
BRONZE: Week without alcohol – Monday to Thursday (16 days)


Amplify the 28 Days Effect by inviting your friends, family and colleagues to take on the 28 Days Sober Challenge with you to prevent high school teens across Quebec.

Simply make a minimum donation of $28, give up drinking during the month of February and enjoy all of the benefits of our interactive platform.


By raising money for Fondation Jean Lapointeyou help offer prevention workshops about the risks of alcohol, cannabis and other drugs addiction to high school students in your region and across the province of Quebec.


Thanks to your participation in the 28 Days Challenge, you help maximize the presence of Fondation Jean Lapointe in high schools of your region and across Quebec.

our objective : $500,000


000 000


000 000


000 000


000 000

Immerse yourself in our interactive universe


Alone or in a team, discover the #28dayeffect by achieving each mission on a daily basis, by unlocking your personalized content, by discovering your tools and by promoting the cause throughout your community.


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1. Number of teens who will receive the drug and alcohol prevention workshops between February and June on average.
2. Number of people reached on average.
3. Number of schools that will receive the drug and alcohol prevention workshops between February and June on average.
4. Number of calories saved from not drinking by all of the participants on average.